Yoga Acharya / Yoga Master Teacher / Yoga Therapist from India


Yoga Acharya V.V.R. Ganesh teaching a yoga therapy class on the temple grounds in Guangzhou (Canton), China

Since 2001, Yoga Acharya V.V.R. Ganesh has been teaching and popularizing yoga and yoga therapy throughout China. Because of his traditional yoga training and family lineage in India, Yoga Acharya Ganesh has been able to bring yoga in its purest state to China, where his classes, lectures, and programs have been very well received by the Chinese community. Yoga Acharya Ganesh has been a keynote speaker on yoga at various Chinese yoga centers, health & fitness clubs, and universities.  He has also appeared on radio and television programs in China.

Currently he serves as:  Principal Yoga Teacher & Director of Yoga Teacher Training Courses at Taruma Yoga, Chengdu, China.  He has also served as: Principal Yoga Teacher & Director of Yoga Teacher Training Courses at Xing Den Yoga, Hangzhou, China; Master Teacher & Director of Yoga Programs at Sheng Ma Yoga, Hangzhou, ChinaChief Advisor for Yoga & Yoga Therapy Programs at Golden Pearl Yoga International, Hong Kong; Director & Master Teacher with Furong Yoga College, Tai Zhou, China; Master Teacher & Yoga Therapist at Yu Yao Yoga & Fitness Center, Yu Yao, China; and Professor of Yoga & Director of Yoga Studies at Patanjali Yoga College, Ningbo, ChinaAs Director of Patanjali Yoga College, Yoga Acharya Ganesh conducts yoga classes, yoga therapy consultations, and yoga teacher training courses, in addition to lecturing on yoga throughout India, China, Europe, Thailand and the Maldives.

In addition to teaching weekly yoga and yoga therapy classes throughout China, Yoga Acharya V.V.R. Ganesh maintains a regular, consistent personal practice of all facets of yoga.


Yoga Acharya V.V.R. Ganesh teaching a yoga class
at an outdoor yoga retreat in China


Yoga Acharya V.V.R. Ganesh with yoga students on a yoga retreat in China

"I have been very happy to share yoga with students in China. The students have truly embraced the yoga teachings and philosophies with great dedication and enthusiasm. I am most grateful for this opportunity to bring yoga from India to the Chinese people."
--Yoga Acharya V.V.R. Ganesh